Piebald A Friend of Mine Lyrics

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"Running down the road trying to roosen my road."
That's what Mike heard in Japan.
Cause there's no "L" in the language.
He's been unamazed by the people he's saved,
And I hope I get to see him again.
Cause we'll eat some coffee heath bar.

I've been trying to find all the truths,
But they've been missing so I keep the view.
Some feed us lines, try to deceive
But we won't believe them cause we seek what's true.

Portland to L.A. he'll come for some day
And talk some sense with me.
He lets me tackle my mind.
To say the least a tako yaki feast
But they've become known as Mike's balls.
Filled with fruit and covered with happiness.


No longer many Renaissance men
In our age of quick and cheapen.
I've got a friend who knows what's living
And he's got the golden touch.

Have you ever heard the astonishing words
Of Tesla and Diesel's ideas?
No one ever told me and things could change forever.
We think about it sometimes
And sometimes it's now or never.

Accidental Gentlemen Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Opener
  • 2 A Friend of Mine
  • 3 Don't Tell Me Nothing
  • 4 There's Always Something Better to Do
  • 5 Strangers
  • 6 Oh, the Congestion
  • 7 Shark Attack
  • 8 On and On
  • 9 Getting Mugged and Loving It
  • 10 Life on the Farm
  • 11 Nature Wins
  • 12 Roll On
  • 13 [untitled]

  • Written by: Anthony Fields, Earl Simmons

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