Melissa Etheridge A Disaster Lyrics

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The lies upon your lips
The anger in your hair
Nuclear fingertips
Annihilating stare

It seems wherever you go
You can't help but to explode
And your demon's screaming out of control

Say good-bye to the enemy
Go find another master
Say good-bye to the best of me and
Call it a disaster
Call it a disaster
Call it a catastrophe

Your intention is clear
It's set to self-destruct
You and your genocidal fear
Me and my dumb luck
Parasitical fascination
With hysteric insinuation
Honestly it scorches my soul


Move on move on
There's nothing here for you to see
Move on move on
I'm just another casualty

Say goodbye to the rest of me
You couldn't kill me faster


Written by: Melissa Etheridge

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