Medulla Nocte A Conversation Alone Lyrics

A Conversation Alone Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Spat On
  • 2 A Conversation Alone
  • 3 Problem to The Solution
  • 4 Bleed This Illness
  • 5 Choking on Dirt
  • 6 Hooked on Masturbation
  • 7 Don't Be a Victim
  • 8 All Our Friends Are Dead
  • 9 All That I Ask
  • It’s what the voices tell me
    Today I think I’ll kill myself
    Because of the bastard you made me
    Today I think I’ll kill myself
    I’m frustrated at my apathy
    I’m frustrated at everything around me
    Today I guess I feel impulsive
    Today I guess I’m repulsive
    You fucked up my life
    Laughed in my face
    You made me feel guilty
    How does it taste
    I have conversations with myself
    I haven’t killed yet but I will
    Cos every day’s a senseless waste
    Today I think I’ll slash my wrists
    It’s the only way to keep face
    Today I think I’ll kill myself
    I’m afraid to face my own
    I know I’m hated for my selfishness
    It’s the confusion that makes me think
    The paranoia it makes me sick
    I scream out for help
    You laugh in my face
    Thought of your pity I fucking hate
    I pretend to be somewhere else
    I f I swear to this day that I’ll kill you
    It’s a promise that I’ll never forget
    For all the years I’ve abused you
    I’ll make you fucking glad that I’m dead
    I hate you

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