Sage Francis 99 Rappers Lyrics

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I got rap control with a whack patrol
In a industry where they give me cash for soul
I aint buyin' into the fashion show
I got a big foot, I could kick your whole asshole.
Spaghetti, spaghetti, tuna casserole.
They force all their rhymes while I grab his balls.
They don't care what I have to show
I'm lucky if a single of my albums goes Gold.
Talkin 'bout Platnium Plaques you hold?
Like McDonalds talkin 'bout how many Big Macs sold
It don't matter, Fuck Yeah I jacked your flow
Ask Biggie and Pac how many raps you stole fucka.
I'm just having some fun
For real, I aint trying to have beef with anyone
6 million ways to die, choose none.
I like 99 rappers but Jay-Z aint one HIT ME!
If you hate Hip Hop i feel bad for you son
I like 99 rappers but Jay-Z ain't one.

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