Bratmobile 90’s Nomad Lyrics

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1-2-3 it's been going great guns this fiscal year but I still haven't made it
Anywhere i go I see your face and I hear your name all over the place, how "Capitalism sucks" Oh really? Oh yeah? Well how you gonna treat your friends in apartment waht the f**k, f**k you!
There was so much more than this
Meaningless shit, you make us bored
I won't tell you where not go so you won't see me there
I won't tell you just hot to be so you can pretend you care
I'll see you there in the late '90's, I didn't know that you'd be there
Trying yeah to make the most of a mediocre boast-ing millions more than it
Could ever be worth
Now you're crying about too many fans and trying to tell me that it wasn't
Your plan, oh well. I can never feel sorry for you, in times like this, it's
Always you
Hey Baby Driver, she's a bad driver, I don't know what to do
Behave Baby Driver, still a bad driver, we know it's all about you

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