Chris Miles 80 Bars Pt. II Lyrics

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Youngin with a dream
Uh, just a youngin with a dream
Uh, Chris Miles had a dream

This just stayin like school debraw and I flow hard like 2 tsunamis
When I break dudes, its breaking news, every hella one breaths like a freakin carney
Its backseat, Rebecca and Im actually with the pen and pad
I rip the track when I spit the facts, when I snap back you a 50 cap
And I rap that flow automatical, my colleagues think its illogical
With my eyes wide open, I shut em like voltage
Im focused on what I sign now
Niggas wanna throw that trash but Im more like that and I blast in of some shell
Ima bass pack with the fast track and I rap fast
So man just give me my crown
Lemme down, I swear to God I love hip-hop
Spit fire when I come and lift it up
Please now Im off the leash bruh
Yea check Im gonna come up, when I be young
And when Im least round, Im bee stung
Im going off like recons
From the east side Im beyond
In the backseat our beat drop

Because lingered it, dropped with it
Hey big boys, Im driving it
Going whole and Im bout to spit it
Flow ill like Pac chickens
Hey just man when I drop off
So called I be ice pickin
Young kid with big dreams so hater screw your opinion
Im Duracell, Duracell, that crap flow your cartel
This game I run that, ready ho my gold medal
They falling off that that Ghost pedals
My flow never, its so ill
Im 13, I aint getting stoned
We aint talking bout Roselie
If Im going to heaven Imma bank off
If you can bare the tease you kill rom
And I get a problem in this rap game
Even though I just started
Im cold hearted, I go retarded
I aint mess around with no bank
Everyone thought I was crazy, but now watch me go insane
They know my lab math yea they hit us
Killing rappers that realist
But begin to stop that hating when they see the kid is getting paid
Many drastically got a problem, shout out to all my real homies
I aint in no Rodney Jeffers so watch me as I get money

My cell aint chasing cuz I go beast, wanna do my ganging
Time is racing, Ill be patient through these flows that Im creatin
Out the brain Im causing pain into your mind from miles away
Its bombs away on all you rappers, I spill these lyrics on all you rappers
I calls that cheddar, fap that chick
I destructed the second I spit this
Said this white boy and his shit been been at it love me cuz I play gone
Im just youngn, Im a problem
You just hatin while Im droppin all these records
They rackin with the rums that Im provided, you aint nothing
The completion aint a freaking problem man
Yea I been live but I aint talking no summer
Ill probably school the rappers, you honestly aint a factor
Im prospering through the madness, this adolescence is savage
Im blastin em with the flow, its disastrous if Im accurate
Actually got more problems with lyrics, youll get your asses kidnapped
I eb spitting bars and made me fake it then Im magical
You thought I was over, it happens and I aint half in this

Its right Kim, my spit rhymes, deadlier than Mike Vic
Yea Im sick, Im startin to see a side effect but I admit Im psycho
Its not a straight jacket just a right coat
Why bite the bullet when you could bite the riffle? Tell me that
I think I went to hell and back, they devil tried to sell me crack
Whatever that, Illuminati kiss my ass
I kept the way with the pen and pad
Thats why Im the center of attention, cuz Im white but Im spittin raps That I just keep it real, thats why they the ones considered black
Ive been back and I aint never gonna aks a man
Im headed to the top like some smoke in a chimney
Im the doppest on you ketted adolescents with a dream
You something like cho squad cuz you aint steppin to me
But Im reppin the NYC, that east side
Im appointed man, Im eating competitors like a motherfuckin Tommy
Man these rapping aint a hobby, its nothing less than a passion
Through it everything that happens but I aint going for keddy
Cuz it made me who I am, them hatin, the fake friends
Man its Chris Miles, homie, I aint stopping til my death cuts

Yea chick, yea chick, call me Steve-O
Killing everybody to the point that everyone listened but never cared how we go
I got that kid flow, cause Im at the top, watch me go beast mode
Tryina make green, no C Lo
Man cuff the beat, hemo
Call me a freak though cuz I go in, I go in, like omens
Said I go in like vultures, and to what they care I flow sick
And Im nasty, oh you want the beef, or you paying for the pad
We be running the game like after the trap me is coming
To the top like now so you class cant tell him
With a lil bit of rhythm I go HAM
It was beginning because I know Im bove them
Who wouldve thought that we going off again?
But it never compared to the coffee and I
Let it drop, you can call the beating if
And got the girls gone crazy, every time I switch and count
Blowing up like an ant in the warzone
Everybody wants that solitary snow cone
Gotta friggin this, I will be in it for the people
Flow so hard I could give a short key stroke
So Ive killed this beat officially
So Imma do my thing, Ill represent Turner Raps to smitterings
Im gone

I said Im gone, call me Steve-O
Yea chick, yea chick, call me Steve-O
Yea chick, yea chick, call me Steve-O
Yea chick, I Am Me
Im gon

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