RZA 4th Chamber Lyrics

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Hey, Yo,
Camouflage Chameleon Ninja Skillin' Your Buildin'
No Time To Grab Ya Gun They Already Got Ya Wife And Children
A Hit Was Sent From The President To Raid Ya Residence
Because You Had Secret Evidence
And Documents On How They Raped The Continents
Amidst The Prominent Dominant Islamic Asiatic Black Hebrew
The Year 2002 The Battle's Filled With The Wu
6 Million Devils Just Died From The Bubonic Flow/Flu
Or The Ebola Virus
Under The Reign Of King Cyrus
You Could See The Weakness of A Man Right Through His Iris
All Of You Snakes Get Thrown In Boiling Lakes Of Hot Oil
Off Boils Your Skin
Chicken Heads Gettin' Slim Like Olive Oyl
Only Plant The Seed Deep Inside Produce Soil
Fortified With Essential Vitamins N Mineral
Use The Sky For A Blanket
Stuff The Clouds Inside My Pillow
Rollin' With The Lamb
12 Tribes 144,000 Chosen
Protons And Electrons Always Cause Explosionsssssssss
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