Joe Budden 4 Walls Lyrics

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See, me..
I'm talking bout something called,
Something I like to call.. call.. it
Ain't even got a name for it
Only certain niggas suffer from this shit
(Turn up my voice)
Talking bout niggas that got like,
Niggas that got like the sixth sense or something..
Sometimes you see shit that ain't there
Sometimes you hear shit that nobody said
Sometimes you think somewhere, that you really somewhere totally different
It's almost like you hallucinating, but you sober, you ain't high
No drugs or nothing like that.

Sometimes you be high..
Talkin bout paranoias and shit..

[Verse 1]
Look, I don't give a fuck again
Thoughts in my head, lookin like a niggas stuck with them,
Wishin it abruptly ends, but God woke him up again,
Everything I seen is so unfair, So unclear,
Tryin reach out, no ones there,
4 Walls tellin him go run where? No one cares,
Screamin this too shall pass, ridin on fumes without gas,
Bills pilin up with out cash, tryin to maintain and out last,
Pray for me, keep tellin niggas patiently, wait for me,
Keep tellin my haters wait and see,
I'm really tryin' to fill the vacancy,
Been along time its taken me,
Mothafuckas keep mistaken me,
Mistakenly, the cage in me,
Niggas never had no faith in me,
It's like I'm one semi from death,
I'm just a few pennies from debt,
I got no identity left, victim of Identity Theft.
Our problems are never new,
It's revenue,
Keep blamin them it's never you,
Keep tellin baby girl I'm gonna leave and never do,
Cause even when a nigga needs space,
when your lookin' for a little lee-way,
Somebody puts it on replay,
like it gets louder with each day,

4 Walls, 4 Walls
They surround me
Has found me
I'm waiting for you
To return
Open the door
Walk right on in
Darling let's start all over again

[Verse 2]
Look, Look, I'm tryin to keep it formal now,
But the pressures on him now,
I'll go ahead and warn you now,
I'm tryin to come across as normal now,
All my life I've been called insane,
looked at as if I'm strange,
Can't tame em, can't blame em, for lookin at me as if I can't change,
With that said still I'ma rise,
Though I keep it still in lies,
Good ahead reveal your disguise,
Maybe that'll kill the surprise,
Sometimes I feel deprived,
Started when the guilt arrived,
I noticed that the hills have eyes,
When you on the hills of demise,
And ya mans on the ledge,
Niggas tamperin' with my head,
I ain't gettin' head in the Phantom, Phantoms in my head,
Can't escape, Figured I would be a candidate,
I ain't gotta upper hand to date, Can't be fate,
Must think that I can handle weight,
See I'm thinkin of Mansions, Lakes,
I was thinkin Mandalay, Thinkin I'd expand my state,
That's just a chance I'd take, Bow to my knees,
So the crowd to please, put em in the mouth of the beast,
Crazy they didn't make him out to be,
I'm just tryin' make it out atleast, please.

[Outro over Chorus]
See what I'm talkin bout,
they ain't really got terms for shit I'm talkin bout
I know they just diagnosed me with this shit,
Like a, like a early age or shit
I don't mean 4 Walls like literally, nothing like that
4 Walls I'm talkin bout..
Ain't no windows
Ain't no sunlight
Ain't even a door
No locks no nothing
Ain't no gettin out that shit,
You just try an get stuck

I know a nigga like me,
I been talkin about a nigga like me for a long time
Fucked up out here
Can't even escape

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