Hannah Montana 4 Walls Lyrics

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(Verse 1)
These 4 walls
They whisper to me
They know a secret
I knew they would not keep
Didnt take long
For the room to fill with dust
And these 4 walls came down around us

It must have been something sent me
Out of my head
With the words so radical
And not what I meant
And now i'll wait
For the break in the silence
Cuz it's all that you left
Just me and these 4 walls again

(Verse 2)
It's hard now to let you be
I won't make excuses
I've made my peace
Didn't take long for me to lose the trust
And these 4 walls were not strong enough


Yeah, its difficult
Watching us fade
Knowing its all my fault
My mistake
Yeah, its difficult
Letting you down
Knowing its all my fault
You're not around


Ooooo these 4 walls again
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