Pastor Troy 4 My Hustlaz Lyrics

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For the hustlas, for the hustlas
For my hustlas, for my hustlas

[Pastor Troy talking]
Aiyo, this your boy P.T. right
This for all them *****z down the road
Everybody staying down in this **********ing game
??? real all my *****z
Much love out here for this song baby, for my hustlas

For my hustlas
*****z that ride for the yey (For my hustlas)
*****z on the grind everyday (For my hustlas)
*****z that be breaking the rules (For my hustlas)
*****z wearing red and blue (For my hustlas)
*****z with money on they mind (For my hustlas)
Hit the club fresh off the grind (For my hustlas)
*****z that ride for P.T. (For my hustlas)
The D. the S. the G.B. (For my hustlas)

[Verse 1]
I started out at the bottom of the barrel homey (Yeah)
Had to deal with these **** *****z hating on me (Yeah)
Hanging on me
We headed to the top
The big boy drop
Got me chilling on the block in Polo socks (*****)
The sun shining of my shade frame
Look who made it out the dope game (Yeah *****)
From nicks to dimes
From dimes to quater keys
I stacked me some cheese and went to bumping these cd's
And now you see me on your tube live and direct
See a ***** swang through the bank, I'm cashing checks
Or better yet, I be shaking that ************
From the ATL to Augusta
For my hustlas


[Verse 2]
All my *****z cross the state (For my hustlas)
All my *****z slanging that weight (For my hustlas)
Hire your best to flip it legit (For my hustlas)
Let the crackers sell that **** (For my hustlas)
All my *****z peeping the game (For my hustlas)
*****z that want to have fame (For my hustlas)
*****z that grind to pay bills (For my hustlas)
*****z that grind to buy a meal (For my hustlas)
*****z that ain't got no degree (For my hustlas)
Still making money (For my hustlas)
*****z with fear of the Lord (For my hustlas)
*****z in the 9th Ward (For my hustlas)
*****z with ties to the streets (For my hustlas)
*****z that ride with the heat (For my hustlas)
*****z with 36 O's (For my hustlas)
Yeah *****, the life I chose, for the hustlas


*****z in dirty clothes (For my hustlas)
*****z with no love for hoes (For my hustlas)
*****z making easy cheese (For my hustlas)
*****z moving major keys (For my hustlas)
*****z riding big body cars (For my hustlas)
*****z they call trap stars (For my hustlas)
*****z that hate ??? (For my hustlas)
Got the 88 with the beat (For my hustlas)
*****z riding 30's and vogues (For my hustlas)
All my *****z down the road (For my hustlas)
All my *****z off in the fed (For my hustlas)
All my *****z busting heads (For my hustlas)
My *****z on the East side (For my hustlas)
My *****z on the West side (For my hustlas)
My *****z on the North side (For my hustlas)
South side, ***** we ride, for my hustlas


[Pastor Troy talking]
y'all know what's up
This ya boy, P.T. Cruiser
Representing for all them gangster *** hustlas
Everybody taking penetintary chances *****
y'all know what's up
D.S.G.B. got love for you baby
Whatever to make this **** happen
Get this ************ popping
Cause we ain't stopping
D.S.G.B. in this ho

Written by: Jonathan H Smith, Micah N Troy
Lyrics © Roba Music

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