Lil' KeKe 3 Time Felon Lyrics

Platinum In Da Ghetto Track Listing
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Platinum in da Ghetto
  • 3 Coast 2 Coast
  • 4 Skit 1
  • 5 Do You Love It
  • 6 Callin My Name
  • 7 Love For Ya
  • 8 Pyrex Shakin'
  • 9 Where Da South At?
  • 10 Mr. D.J.
  • 11 Cowgirl
  • 12 Skit 2
  • 13 Bad Man
  • 14 Where My Dog At
  • 15 Off Da Chain
  • 16 3 Time Felon
  • 17 What I Wanna Do
  • 18 Let's Get F@#!ed Up

  • (feat. H.A.W.K.)
    Crack is what we selling, snitch niggaz be telling
    Keep you niggaz bailing, here we go (here we go, here we go, here we go)
    Crack is what we selling, snitch niggaz be telling
    Keep you niggaz bailing, because we three time felons
    [Lil' Keke:]
    Now peep game, I promise on sight it's going down
    AK's and clips, that's filled with hundred rounds
    It's my time no stress, I locate Tip
    Tell him load up everything mayn, these boys a trip
    I gotta call a meeting, so we can lay the format
    We bout to sweep the whole streets, yeah the Don said that
    I put my life up on it, these niggaz gonna come up missing
    Lying talking and snitching, in these streets big sixing
    Don't play these games, because you think you a star
    You might of had yourself a battle, but you ain't ready for war
    This shit is complicated, that's why you mark niggaz hate it
    Scared to roll the dice, because you punks can't fade it
    They hesitated, to even test it again
    That's why they perpetrated, because they click is pretend
    I'm on a paper chase, you know the road to riches
    Serious about my feddy, and I'm busting all snitches what
    Here we go-here we go-here we go-here we go, it's a must I get my do'
    It's a must I move this snow, befo' the FEDs kick in my do'
    Crack is what I'm selling, these fake ass niggaz telling
    My mama is raising hell'n, crying screaming and yelling
    Lots of dogs smelling, around my residence
    They looking for evidence, and mob they presidents
    On cuts I'm legendary, by any means necessary
    These cake ass niggaz scary, and singing like canaries
    You'll find a cemetery, if you caught up in my mix
    I still hit brick licks, and I'm good with arithmetic
    This game is getting deep, and I'm playing for keeps
    Contaminating the streets, while you broke niggaz sleep
    [Lil' Keke:]
    It ain't no telling bout this click, cause you know we don't play
    It be forever and a day, with that H-A-W-K
    It's the 2 double 2, flipping pies we ain't through
    C.D.'s and LP's, for the people like you
    Get your mash on whoalie, get your cash on whoalie
    Niggaz snitching and bitching, but I promise they don't know me
    It's a trip mayn, because these punk niggaz telling
    Commission rich click, we some three time felons what
    [Lil' Keke:]
    Let's get this money baby, now it's a dangerous job
    Y'all so close to getting robbed, by the Southside mob
    We do the dumping nigga, and it don't matter the state
    Y'all continue to playa hate, and get yourself checkmate
    They better recognize, all this money and power
    Cause it be hour after hour, on you mark ass cowards
    I get's my cash, and fill up the stash befo' I flash
    Superstars mash, with two hundred on the dash
    This rap game, the legal crack game
    You know it's cocaine and fame, on this hustler's name
    I get's my money right, I'm dedicated for real
    It be killas and drug dealers, that'll snatch out your grill
    I lay the lick down, cause I'm gon get mine
    And if these niggaz out of line, then these niggaz dying
    I ain't the one mayn, you better watch who you telling
    Lil' Keke the Don, also known as a felon
    [Hook x2]

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