T'melle 2Pac & Biggie Lyrics

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It's Tmelle, one more time, It's Tmelle
He got enough to push the Benz, but he'd rather push the Chevy
And I shot the pistol, whenever he let me
He used to push that Coke ...now we sipping on that Pepsi
You may call it hood I just call it super sexy
All the ladies want him,Fellas wanna be him
He be looking fly everytime I see him,
I cant help what he does to me, Thats the type the G that I need
Something like a rapper, mixed wit a trapper
Don't take inch cause won't get far,
Yea something like 2Pac mixed with Biggie '
It's gonna be trouble if he see you messing with me
Don't you know I love a gangster, gangster, gangster, gangster?
Don't you know I run a gangster, gangster, gangster?
Messing with a G, you know thats what I need

Verse II
My daddy don't lik'em, mama say he don't love me
Then say he ain't no good 'cause he from the gutter
But he school me to the streets, he call me little Bonnie
I'm independent but I know if I ain't got it he got me
I dun fell in love, Dammit im caught up
I don't rep a set, All I rep is us
Can't nobody do the things you do to me You're the type the G that I need

I need a boss, yea i need a boss, something like a Meek, mixed with a little Ross, Something like TI, with a little Snoop Dogg, yea I need gangsta baby thats all

I need a boss, yea i need a boss, something like a Jeezy, betta yet a Walt,
something like Weezy, i dont likem soft, Give a girl a Gangsta baby thats All

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