Whitmore 29 Times Lyrics

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Never thought that leaving was so hard
Never thought I could turn away and laugh
Don't bother phoning `cause you know I won't be there
I got a funny feeling that you know that I know I don't care
Talk to Ezza `cause you know I don't wanna know

When it's all that he needed
Did you stay too long?
And what went wrong?
When you say that it's incompleted
Did you stay too long?
What went wrong?

September 29 you know that you are mine
But I wanted another for some time
Always come and meet you
And I know that I want her
See her at the weekend
And I know what I prefer
Back out on the road
And I know, I don't wanna know!

What went wrong?

Written by: Robb Blake
Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing

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