Bart Baker 22 Parody Lyrics

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Huh huh
Ooh I need help
Are you watching?
If I am making this pointless sex tape right
I just keep on biting my arm
Maybe I'll try mastur-bating
This awful drawn out tune is a total bore
So I turned too shock value and made a gay porn
Dad, I'm a whore aren't you proud of me?
Can't ignore someone this trashy
Feed me
I am starving
I am crying out for food that's why I try to eat my fingers and bed sheets
I look like a gross malnourished JB
My arm tastes like chicken
Hey oh oh oh
[Mickey Mouse]
Miley, it's me, mickey stop being a slut please come back to Disney and Hannah Montana
No, I'm a whore fuck you and Disney softcore porn makes way more money
Fingering myself in milk and rubbing on my tiny titties, come join me
[Mickey Mouse]
No way you skank I'm not here to get nasty
God mickey you don't know what your missing
Just give in and lets screw
You cant say no to me, be a mouse and score
[Mickey Mouse]
I need my morals Miley
You need hannah more
[Mickey Mouse]
Could I ask for you, to wear this wig boo?
(very good)
And hold this mic too?
(oh baby)
Oh, yes that will do
[Billy Ray Cyrus]
(lots of moaning and screaming and he knocks)
Miley? open up it's your daddy
(oh yea mickey!!)
Miley, open up!!
Miley, it's your daddy (he opens the door and sees them)
Oh!! sweet nibletts!!
Oh!! sweet nibletts!!
[Mickey Mouse]
Oh!! sweet nibletts!!

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