Mac Dre 2 Times & Pass Lyrics

The Genie of the Lamp Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Genie of the Lamp
  • 2 She Neva Seen
  • 3 Early Retirement
  • 4 Out There
  • 5 My Alphabets
  • 6 Err Thang
  • 7 Non Discriminant
  • 8 Hear Me Now?
  • 9 I Feed My Bitch
  • 10 Not My Job
  • 11 Hotel, Motel
  • 12 2 Times & Pass
  • 13 Make You Mine
  • 14 Crest Shit
  • 15 [untitled]

  • Ah ah
    Blah blah
    *****z get their thoughts together
    Bum balum bum bum
    *****z get their thoughts together
    Bum bum
    Hey look over here I'm open
    Pass it
    Right yeah
    Pass the weed ************
    Hey mister babysitter would you look at all the mashes
    The blunts going out is you ever gonna pass it
    Rat bastard it's always you
    Sneaking extra hits I want to get high too
    Don't lie fool I see it in your eye
    Aight how come I don't look that high
    Cause you been smoking more than I (hey man we need some more weed)
    Hmm I wonder why
    Hey man what's this all on it slob
    ***** quit given the blunt a blow job
    Always cutting trying to show stop
    Oh you get an extra hit just because you threw a dos spot
    I need some more pot cause this ain't kosher
    Call Rich the Factor cause I need dosier
    Man you know what you can take your swisher sweet to the face
    I'm gonna get a backwood and roll me an eighth

    (Chorus x 2)

    Hit two times and pass
    Can I smoke with you
    Hit two times and pass
    That's what your supposed to do

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