Murs 1st Love Lyrics

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[Verse 1]

I grew up a wonder year
She was same by the bail
I was boys in the hood, She was ATL
Used to sell weed to our rommate, that`s how we met
Ol` girl didn`t smoke, but she had jokes on deck
No disrespects, it`s just the way it was
She claim cuz` I was broke and always say cuz`
I was kind of always saying shawty and y`all
She smile everytime I did my little Southern draw
Calls became frequent, we hang out on the weekend
Start to feelin` like, she`s the one I`ve been seekin`
Didn`t take it far, third base, at most
Never seal the deal, but always came close
I knew that if I hit it, I would have to stay commited
I was young, 21, man I just wasn`t with it
Knew what was comin` and you can`t run from it
Ain`t no feelings that strong between man and a woman.

She said she wanted more than a friendship
But I wasn`t one in the bed
I said I wanted friends with benefits
But I was only trying to pretend
I didn`t want you (need you 2x)
Realy want to make you mine
I would never mislead you
But then, how I treat you
But girl, you got to give me some time

[Verse 2]
So, the first time we did it, it was aight
But soon I was creepin` to her room every night
Somethin` like magic, I felt I had to have it
Just to right fix, to kick my chick habbit
You know it`s always better, when you`re lovers and close friends
It start to get deep, I kind of feel closed in
I went out and made a stupid mistake
I stop`d returning calls, went on a few dates
Ofcourse I got back to her, I knew she`d be hurt
But she didn`t even trip and that made me feel worse
She shoved me all the love, when I did the dirt
Now I`m feelin` like I`m the scum on the earth
She left for break and didn`t leave her number
I thought about her every single day that summer
I sucker, for try to keep it on the under
Said next time I see her, I`ma tell her that I love her


[Verse 3]
When the wall was stooden the way I was waitin for the nexy semester to begin
The very first day, I ran up to campus and ran onto one of her friends
I made small talk I didn`t want to seem blame
I too anxious, but when I said her name
The tears came, she started to break down
I could still see the look on her face now
Through the tears I could hear "drunk driver", "crash", "accident"
The word "no survivors"
She was tryin` to continioue to describe it, but just couldn`t take it
And she ran off crying
Lyin` if I said I wasn`t feel for regret
I cryed for three hours sittin` down on them steps
But even know you`re gone
Your memory lives on
And for all I did wrong
I dedicate this sing
To my first love...
This is for my first love
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