Azealia Banks 1991 Lyrics

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Excusez-moi, est-ce que vous savez où est un bon restaurant Parisienne?

[Verse 1]
Oh, là là là
Flirting with a cool French dude named Antoine
Wanna taste the pastry chocolate croissant
Ce soir with the bitch, Café au Lait
Voulez-vous nigga mad Francois
Who are you nigga, hahaha
Miss one, miss young, miss cutie pie
Young Nubi, young coochy tight
Young juicy, young Uzi-might
Nick-nack pitty-pat-pat-pat
Silly cat, you don't have that scratch?
How you do that, do that, do that that that
1-9-9-1 my time has come
Oh nah nah Ma
Your time is done
Pre-Madonna Mama, like a virgin
Private jets, my flights, no fly Virgin
I sell, you buy, that’s my version
Mommy tie these rhymes it’s my verses
Oh me, oh my
Illumina princess
Pyramid, one eye, on my assets
Here it is, multi, peep my progress
Peep my progress, here it is multi, peep my progress
Peep my progress, here it is multi
He took her to the Louvre in Paris
He want a chance with a youngin
Wanna ruin her weave
He wanna... wanna Juniper Breeze
I get the grands and the hundreds
And the shoe with the bleed
I fit the grands and the hundreds
In the Lou to the V
High class, no school, the tuition is free
Lil Bam(bi) no fool
Intuition is G
Gimme the gem or the jewels
I'll commission a fee
I make hits motherfucker
Never do it for free, ha
Young tender from the NYC
No contender none in my league
Young kill-em-in-the-denims
Young venom on the M-I-C
Young villain been developing the heat that stick
Elite rap bitch
I cut and send that beat back quick
Tip-tip and all his niggas, suck a d-i-dick
Cause you gonna be a bitch nigga
I'mma be that bitch, what
Just believe that shit
You gonna be a bitch nigga
I'mma be that bitch
Believe that shit
Believe that shit
Nigga I'mma be that bitch

[Verse 2]
Come around, come around
Let the little Bambi run it down, run it down
Went from sippin' Bailey's
Sipping champys on the isles
Nineteen number naughty baby
Press it on your dial
Sex kitten honeys
No cougars in the house
I'mma hush the rumors and the doubt
Came in the game with a beat and a bounce
Never for the fame, my feet on the ground
Cloud number nine, headed to the stars
Maybe I ride with my mic in my bra
Maybe I recite in the raw the appetite for life and the hunger for the more
The island of Manhattan
I was Born in New York, city never slumbers
I would always dream but never sleep to the hundreds
Cocoa want the cream in abundance
Million dollar baby you can get it if you want it, what

[Refrain x2]
NY rose me, most high chose me
Let me know what I can can can can do for you
If you don’t speak, boy you know you won't see none
Let me know what a man man man man man you are

1991 Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 1991
  • 2 Van Vogue
  • 3 212
  • 4 Liquorice

  • Written by: Travis Stewart, Azealia Banks, Kevin James
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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