Paula Cole 14 Lyrics

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Your eyes they conjure up those Cliffs of Moher
Faraway and not listening anymore
Dreaming of life on another shore
Not here, not now, with me, the bore

So I stop talking and fade to bleak
Feeling insignificant, atrophied and weak
Even though it's not who I know myself to be
The Queen, the confidence
Doesn't speak

But I was 14 with my passion
And 15 with my best
16 with my ego
And zero with the rest
My heart is a P.O.W. tangled in my chest
I don't know how to communicate in a cardiac arrest

Your eyes they drown me in your sadness
Your words they bring hurricanes
Braving Shakespearean tempest
The mighty tiger
Doesn't blink


I think I found the one
Silent suffering inside
The one who got away
I was too dangerous to hide


So I stop talking, baby, 'cause you always want me to shut up
Take the center stage meanwhile I become your trusted, silent prop
So take good care, this mighty woman's ready to explode
Fire here below the surface of my volcano

Written by: Patrick Leonard, Paula Cole
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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