Patterson Hood 12:01 Lyrics

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It's 12:01
But right now Wipers play a spooky song
As I crossed the ol' bridge in Calvert County line
Toward the liquor laws are different
It's 12:01
The zombies are buying liquor
'Cause it's monday morning
And I'm sitting in the parking lot
As they flip the sign
And I always see some friends
As I stand in line
And I head to Billie Ringo's and I stay there 'til dawn
Toward the music's always playing
I take his banjo and strum along
To chase away the morning

And I know she's home sleeping
As I open under 5
It's this company I'm keeping it's keeping me alive
These friends of mine
A bunch of lost cases just marking time
Before life supposed to start
Guess in the end it's fine
Or maybe maybe not we ain't getting out alive

She told me she don't care if I come back here anymore
But if I do move quietly as I open up the door
Crawl across the bedroom and pull back under covers
In the end it's evidence it's over, it's over
It's over

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