This-Thing-Called-Progress-lyrics-Poison-Idea/79AE671CA9B6A8F748257126000AD1C3This-Thing-Called-Progress-lyrics-Poison-Idea/79AE671CA9B6A8F748257126000AD1C3This-Thing-Called-Progress-lyrics-Poison-Idea/79AE671CA9B6A8F748257126000AD1C3This-Thing-Called-Progress-lyrics-Poison-Idea/79AE671CA9B6A8F748257126000AD1C3This-Thing-Called-Progress-lyrics-Poison-Idea/79AE671CA9B6A8F748257126000AD1C3This-Thing-Called-Progress-lyrics-Poison-Idea/79AE671CA9B6A8F748257126000AD1C3This-Thing-Called-Progress-lyrics-Poison-Idea/79AE671CA9B6A8F748257126000AD1C3 Poison Idea Lyrics

Poison Idea Lyrics

Look to see where you've been from standing at the start again,
Stand up backwards, that's a fact, who's gonna follow your attack,
Try to keep what you've got, even if it's not a lot,
Everyday people die and starve but not you,
Crazy, mixed up, screwed up, its all falling apart real fast,
The next thing you hear might be an atomic blast,
Were going straight downhill from here,
Businessmen, politicans, government, stacks it up,
It's vital, punks, radicals, tear it down,
Look to see where we've been from standing at the start again,
Don't belive ehat you read,
Crazy, mixed up, screwed up, its falling apart real fast,
Have fun this time around because it might be the last,
This thing called progress makes me sick.

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