2Pac When I Get Free II Lyrics

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Ay Trusty Trusty, what you want man?

Aww ***** let me get one of them ciggarettes, damn!

****, come on bastard, get the phone for a *****

Use the phone, aww ***** get the phone for me man

What's the number? 323-6545, tell her it's Pac

Chorus: repeat 2X

When I get free, ************s better watch they ***

Soon as I get released, I'ma clock some cash

Did some time locked down, but I'm back on the street

There'll be trouble when they see me

I heard a snicker a laugh, I take a look at the evening news

And see a ***** gettin cuffed by the boys in blue

Is it a, frame up, tryin to keep me out the game, stuck

These ************s tryin to dirty up my name, but

I slip as quick as the wind, it's me again, **** friends

My foes be on a mission, tryin to do me in

**** em I'm out to get out, they all thought

I blow up like gauge, and in a rage blow they balls off

Why are you *****z tryin to test me trick?

And be the first ones to snitch to arrest me *****

Maintain with a ***** meal ticket only if you with the real

The ***** will kick it, I'll enforce it with the steel

These are lessons that I learned in jail

Rule one: **** a busta he can burn in Hell

Now I'm workin with connects that I got in the pen

In no time I'll be clockin again


Heyyy, still sittin in my cell as I dwell on my past

Tryin to figure how a ***** turned dreams into cash

Quick call her collect, ain't no respect on the other side

My cellmate's suicidal cause his mother died

And my C.O. is a lady, and I'm thinkin maybe

me and her can hook up a scheme, to be Swayze

Cause she keep on callin me baby, to a young

************ facin eighty that's enough to make me crazy

Now how long will it take, to get a hook

Got her watchin me liftin weights, sneakin looks

I devised a plan, I'm in the trunk while she drives

but man, ain't no disguise I'ma die as a man

If we make it then I'm takin it to Hell

all them *****z that was frontin while I sat up in a cell

Locked in jail, I couldn't touch her so I planned, in misery

The ***** you don't want to see

Chorus 3X

When I get free, believe that ****

Yeah ***** **** your cigarette, **** that phone call ************

I'll be out this ************ in a few days

I'll pay these *****es back in spades

Punk *** bastards, long as my AK flexes

we gonna play these *****es

That's how we do this ****

**** that I'm out, C.O. turn the ****in lights out!

Written by: Christopher Eldon Rosser, Conrad Erskine Rosser, Stanley Marvin Clarke, Tupac Amaru Shakur
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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