XV Top Of The World Lyrics

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These are leftovers but know
That I ain't foilin my dreams
Ain't from Britain but my talent
Made me boil in the seam
The day I flow I go to FAO and
Toy with everything, from the dirt... and now
Them haters soil in they jeans
I'm fully on my bully shit, "Boy that nigga mean! "
Drop a domino with all the flows it triggers everything
Fuck all black! I'm layin low and ghillie everything
Comin at they neck... like a set of guillotines
A better metaphor would be a porno set routine
Watch me fuck up this game and see the choices
That it brings
Lay that honey down, moisten everything between
And I know she want the D, but she coy with
Legend put me on smash
Drop this on they blog-ass
Bootleggin' gunner try to sling it... arm cast
And ain't no love in the heart of the city but I'm still
Searchin' for it like a VH1 Broadcast, I ask, Freshmen
Class are you seein', this is what it mean to spit
G-mail and cc the shit, flyer than Aladdin's carpet, never
Got my Genie wish, you got yo game Genie on
I ain't with the cheatin' bitch
I'm sayin what remains to be unsaid
I am Hip Hop, like a cool dude on one leg
I will flip rocks and tell you everything my gun did
Talk about breezin' through women like a sun dress
Am I wrong that is all I hear in songs... money blowin', girls
And my radio's on, where is yours at? I don't make it rain so quit
Checkin' on my forecast, Oscar Grouch is mad
I put out more trash
Over flood the city, this is Vizzy
You ain't get a ring cause I am gettin' busy
Price of fame, askin what it cost
Biggest mysteries are
Why ain't Vizzy signed and what is happenin' on Lost
I be at the temple
Overcame the flames like Jack Be Nimble
Shinin' over my city like the Batman symbol
Marchin' band, drums
Crowd applause, crashin' cymbals
Huh givin' bitches
Kisses with a pack of thimbles uh yeah
Peter Pan and pepper pots
Captain Hook should check his watch
Flippin' lids, where's the jock?
Goin' in, Stone Hinge Flow, everywhere I rock
Who need elevators when these haters just use stairs a lot
Until the day they say "That is where the exit is"
Execute and excellence
Nigga what's a Freshmen list?
I will etch my name into every
Single desk there is
Until the world knows who XV is

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