Mobb Deep The Start of Your Ending (41st Side) Lyrics

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You know whatI'm sayin'?
I want to say what's up to my man
Louie you know he's still here
Drop this one for you you know
For those that only know
side (word up yo this beat is ill)

I keep it real pack steel like my man Y.G.
When a fool try to play me wet 'em up then I'm swayze
You must be crazy kid
Man I never did forever wildin'
that's how we live up in the Bridge

You just sit scared **** back the gat then hit a ***** like a big
25 naw kid you gettin' life
Forever burnin' in hell *****s is trife
It's the, semi auto you can bring it on yo
I'm pullin' out strippin' *****s just like a porno flick

I'm sick the Mobb rolls thick
Cross paths with my clique and get vic
I'm on some bullshit that's how I was raised G
Slept stage have you slippin' down blazin'
In pools of alcohol walk before you crawl

I'm in this to win this you gonna take a fall
Infamous Queensbridge kid we on the scene kid
Creepin' for those that's caught sleepin'
Don't ever do that I run with two macs
And plus my crew back my every move

I choose givin' crews the blues
I'm open off the Damey
Obey me or get sprayed with the street sweeper
'Cause I'm my brothers keeper
The Grim Reaper holdin' with nothin' but big batters

And big hedence?
blow ya three times leave a mark like Adidas
Jig you I know how to fix you
Pretty boy frontin' hard is the issue

Word to my unborn you get scolded
Old and molded when I get bent you get folded
Every rhyme is the truth that I must get cross
Put your right on your back take it to the source

No doubt I'm stuck and I can't get out
Of this lifestyle the 41st side get bent run wild
The 41st side too you know how we do
Violate ************ I'm a see you, with the linden
It's the start of your endin' settin' it again and again

Yeah kid, big time boy. 12th street representin' it.
A big shout out to my man T
tear Gas, Think, Nate whole crew kid
You know whatI'm sayin'I'm sayin' couso
Richie Fraud known to leave ya scarred.
Big shoot out to my man Heavy L. Big Palms representin'

Yo it's the P. E. double push a Lex bubble in the winter
You can't come alone only the hoes can enter
Told him to meet me at six on the hill at the center
Took her to the west way and bent her right over
Stay intoxicated never sober

Face it, violate and get laced while you wastin'
Slugs you ain't buckin' nothin'
You better off buckin' yourself you need to stop frontin'
I use to drive an Ac and kept a mac in the engine
Little painted it black with crack sales intentions

To blow up the whole projects the Infamous
Our sons will grow up to be murderers and terrorists
It's the ***** in me accompanied by the Coniac
You can ask around don't **** with the Mobb

I could of told you that where you been at?
you must of cut class
If it ain't me another member of my crew will kick your ***
(what what?) Who do damage to limbs

In '91 stompin' you out with black Tims
Prodigy and the H.A.V.O.C. from the Q.B.C.
Puttin' cowards where they're suppose to be
If I don't know your face then don't come close to me
I got too much beef for that

Drama in the 3rd degree
And to the kids you don't want to be me
I'm up in the mix of action when *****s want to kill me
But it's the start of they endin' my man's lendin'

Me his linden 42 shots dependin'
On wheather or not the clip is full to the top
We bustin' caps non stop
Blazin' in all the shows and even at the hoes

Naw naw chill son chill
And it's the start of your ending
Yeah yeah it's the start of *****s endin' you kno whatI'm sayin?
And it's the start of your ending

All y'all weak *** crews that got drama with mines
you know whatI'm sayin'
it's the start of your ending
And it's the **********in' start of the ending

You know who you ****in' with (yeah yeah *****)
you know what will happen
(recognize and realize)
41st side get bent run wild. 41st side get bent run
wild. Word up you know what I'm sayin'?

Written by: Albert Johnson, Kejuan Waliek Muchita
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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