The Vandals Viking Suit Lyrics

When in Rome Do as the Vandals Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Ladykiller
  • 2 Birthday Bash
  • 3 Master Race (In Outer Space)
  • 4 Big Bro vs. Johnny Sako
  • 5 Mohawk Town
  • 6 Viking Suit
  • 7 Hocus Pocus
  • 8 I'm a Fly
  • 9 Slap of Love
  • 10 Airstream
  • 11 Rico

  • Come here little boy
    I'm a friend of your mother's
    I'll give you a candy bar if you get in the car

    He's got his camera
    and deep seeded obsessions
    His nordic heritage
    and sexual frustrations

    He wants to be Lief Ericksson
    to discover America
    but he's not
    He's just a photographer
    who likes little boys in viking suits

    He likes to take the little boys
    walking home from school
    in his neighborhood
    Take them to his studio
    and dress them up in viking suits

    Words of wisdom
    Each one rings true
    Watching little brothers could happen to you
    So don't grow up to be a guy
    Who takes pictures of little boys in viking suits

    Come here little boy
    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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