VAST Temptation Lyrics

Visual Audio Sensory Theater Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Here
  • 2 Touched
  • 3 Dirty Hole
  • 4 Pretty When You Cry
  • 5 I’m Dying
  • 6 Flames
  • 7 Temptation
  • 8 Three Doors
  • 9 The Niles Edge
  • 10 Somewhere Else to Be
  • 11 [untitled]
  • 12 You
  • i went in the desert
    i went searching for the truth
    i stumbled across you and i
    know you're not the truth
    i went in the ocean
    i came looking for some love
    all i found is that i found
    i haven't found enough
    i stand alone now
    i stand alone
    can you save me from myself
    you are my temptation
    to do what i know is
    you are my temptation
    to do what i knew is wrong
    what i knew is wrong is you
    they've been killing children
    and nobody seems to care
    they've been laughing at my god
    my god i wouldn't dare
    you are my temptation

    Written by: D. Gamson, O. Leiber
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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