Ca$his Tattoos Lyrics

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Two pits off the sip let the ink drip
Top half of my body got a full script
Put them haters in the wan watch it moving
Heat's won got the pack get a new shit
Got my neck yea permanent necklace
1870 yes a death wish
Cemetery on my door so Lord knows I love each and every name
That's on that tombstone
I'm looking at my lady the dead one
Fliers and peels on my arm spelling red rum
Eleven kids name get my arms blitzer
Seven life street on my bus except this is
Batman and Robin different portraits
And Marciano by my 4-5 closures
Butcher knife I might show the read from a friend
It's killer the smoke from a joint look at what I ill
Death slow and hollywood tits on my belly grow
Said 6 times repping till they bury us
MC heart with a microphone artery
Virgin Mary crying blood and live heartlessly
Loose canon do the buzz in my own mind
Serenade my life and tap my own rhyme
I feel nothing on my fingertips look at this
Porch it on my back with me and tat into it
Sitting on a crusty black Jesus
Not God just my animated features
It's me in a form of an angel
Showing that I'm here for you but I can't save you
On my heart was in heat cold giants
In this grove for like Moses sighing
Got my mama on twice just forgiving life
Boat boys illuminating the city lights
Lifestyle of a blood cold brother
But I gotta tell you this (tell you this)
Your whip game proper my spit game proper
My life falling to scripts
It flashes the best I rust in the west
And everybody on the heat
I'm rolling into Rome
Smoking in an ocean and my life is the shit
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