Tech N9ne Stars Lyrics

(You know that there are billions of stars in the universe)
But the star had quite a difficult time shining amongst all the other stars
The year was 1994 when the star began his descent,
And continued falling, and falling
Landing in an unknown place the star creates followers from underground
On the quest to shoot beyond the stars once again
The star begins in, Strangeland

Ground zero, ground hero
But ain't nobody ever heard the sound before, I found me so
Competitive I never get the credit beginning when it was clown and Lejo
Now we pro, the brown people
Was on it for the moment but they frowned at me fo'
Layin' what I sayin' didn't sound negro
Now people 'round me low down when the beat go
Never will I ever stop or quit what I'm doing
I'm getting better even cleverer
Rockin it then I ruin every competitor
We at em poppin' ****, I be chewing up
Ahead of ya, etcetera the
Speed bandits coming for ya
Now hes making an industry sandwich
Come enjoy the flow with Tech and the minasee damage
Gunnin' boy you know we shaking the finicky planet
We've landed

We've landed, the stars have fallen from the heavens
Their thoughts will reign on this planet
The arts been painted on the canvas, your helpless
We've landed, the hearts of fans have been branded
The dawn of 6's and 7's, is the start of musical madness
We've landed

Shootin' for the stars, rootin' for the cause
Whos inducing puke and hooting for the bars
You get stupid groups of loose and juicin'
You for true but you recruit the youth ignore bizarre *****s
But ain't nobody ****in' with any of our *****s
And if you trippin under the Tecca there are millas
You dont wanna **** with the murderous gorilla
War till the lord hit a scar ***** what
***** I'm at the bottom and I'm comin' to get at ya
Better get up in ya column
And I'm gonna diminish you, when I spit I really got em
Right in front of me timid, and I want a percentage
Cause I fought for everything I got it was not handed
And nobody fed a ***** nothin when I was famished
I'm bussin for life but not for nathin but god damnit
Notice something beautiful just landed


I've landed six feet under six feet
Where every other ordinary people can't sleep
The badness, we had this back back in high school classes
Ya dealing with three faces of madness
Never been average with the image of a savage
At the very bottom I'm living under the maggots
But I'm bout to shoot em and really wake up the masses
Gas it an blast it have the upper class raking ashes
Upper class rappers, sucker *** packers
A rougher tougher motha****er spaz backwards
Kcuf Natas gutter mad slacker
Tecca Ninas what their lads after
Everybody I wanna say what goes up
Vertical movin' I know it's bout to blow up
Thinkin' when I hit the stars I'ma slow up hold up


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