Xzibit feat. Prodigy Something More Lyrics

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Something more, something more than faith
Something more, something more than fairy tales
Is a story of a little star, looking for a place to shine this life
Touched in all the stray, but bound he pound his way
And so he shines so bright in the sky

I'm designed in oasis, wide open spaces
But naked *****es having sexual relations
Major operation, let me take conversations
Sense of the intel, pay attention in detail
Yeah, deign your flat, not your vital son
AC, DC, alkaline, whichever type of battery you got in your bag
Gonna be removed when the clips just slap
You and your ***** get slapped, damn, it's good to be back


My hip hop is outstanding, outlasting
Already all stars, they fizz a lot fast week
Burn like the sun and you suck like a black hole
Stuck in my style and get over my flat
This colors don't run, we attract you
Drama like madness, you wanna get your head flew
Incredible bars, I show 'em how to rhyme
I'm not the average, no one's back home
Super rap killer, extremely great spitter
Make a door, hit the door, solve the queen's riddle
Sinister, ailing off the bank with the sickest
So get up and get down with the sickness
This is something more than just songs
I wish upon the stars, pray to God that I come with
Better lines than them, they crush their dreams
And attempt to my sport when I do this thing


What you know about dead money and sacrifice?
What you know about people scheming and take your life?
What you know about these Cali G's?
That mister penitenciary invested movement on a bigger better day
What you know about the harder man?
We paint the outer water d├ęcor to the promised land
You understand, is in my nature not to walk away
'Cause I'm a beast, my beats are open up your chest in face
Call the police, it's still the same and I don't give a ****
I speak the truth and all my catalogs are living trust
Now give it up and get it, take it at gun point
We cut broke *****s in what point
You gonna realize we came for
Something more than fairy tales
Is a story of a little star, looking for a place to shine this life

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