Ca$his So Serious Freestyle Lyrics

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Stunting the hoover street like tutor
You know what it is like a hell rail ruger
Shots to the head the blood that run through ya
Run the fuck out on the pavement uaaa
Veni vidi vici I'm Ja-Ruler 'em
And they won't stop me 'cause I won't stop shotin'
I don't give a fuck wet man my focus the cape but fuck you
I'm at the real estate call back on my roll down doing more shows
You insecure so you won't let your hope go
'Cause you know she goes she go go
'Cause girl when you come you come the whole show
I roll pedal to the floor
Click clack slap to my lap I'ma own
Let's get done too much but not more
Debs up the turbo then hits for my bone
In the cool zone fuck the past for a better today
I move on life's like a new song
Now er'thing got your camp lil grown
The skills get the chills when they hear my new song
Now highschool used to come in two tone
Mama come scoopier then plan coming morn'
Blood die wong I got to many girls
If you really want money my nigga than get some
Hear rap like war with the insertions
But I ain't killing myself for no virgin
Six debs at the wheel no swerving
Four dog hubby bars now I'm early
But I'm so high it was worth it
Hey baby girl just work it work it
Hold it in your mouth and slurp it touch it
Ten minutes later he's working squirting
Your head game's the same
I ain't ashamed to say I'm a fiend
The black derm are shine over any other brother that's rhyming
Over one time criming
I used to be a fucked up nigga
Don't be the fucked up you get fucked up nigga
I burst the sin of man and the rest ran
I turn pussy to vegetables damn
For one click and the wave of my hand
You never act brave tough again
I'm done with this freestyle, Amen
Bitch I'm the motherfucking man

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