Ca$his Smoke Break Lyrics

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I light my weed
I go cop that sack bring it back break it down
Light my weed
You see what I mean by that I get some of that burn you know what I'm sayin'
That burn that kushin get it back break it down you know what I'm sayin'
Take it out a little bottle you know pop blowing fuck a top
Right well you count to 4 you don't know if you do it like us but
We bought the motherfucker tops
Light my weed
I'ma lose my mind I'm on my grind
I'm smoking weed still in my prime
You see me shine bitch you ain't glide
And suicide if it's you and I
Holy do or die and I light my weed
I light my weed

Though the system try to break a nigga down
I just light the fuck up
If you ain't got no imagination
You can't go nowhere inside yourself
Oh man if you don't know that ,that mean you stuck
Stuck like fuck nigga
I light my weed

But I break it down,
But I break it down
Bitch I smoke a pound
I should do it now
I break it down

See these words my nigga they be hot
But when I'm high that mean I'm above right
So I'm sitting above myself looking at myself
At a higher level
I just wanna bring y'all motherfuckers up there with me
Real motherfucking shit
Nigga it's hard times out here
Niggas getting killed
Niggas ain't got no more fucking money
You gotta do what you gotta do motherfucker's thirsty out here

So I light my weed
I light my trees
It's all the fuck I can do man
Chill with me nigga
I light my weed
All the things that stop niggas from killing niggas sometimes
I light my weed
But it also take me where I need to be
To get this money
I light my weed
See niggers we probably wouldn't be here if it weren't for that
But if you smoke it like I do fuck we gotta be for
Shit, I light my weed

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