Ca$his Simon Says Freestyle Lyrics

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I'm supposed to be dead right now
With shots saying this by my head right now
Shit I'm getting real like wow
High 30 Harry Caray holy cow
I'm cali sack like Blair Brown
Fake nigga you should've stay down
I'm in hell 8 or out
I'ma crack a bottle on you like Steve Stealth
The guinness is the witness left cranium crack
You drop instant worse than bitches
I bring your ass whipping it's endless
I'm through talking I'm back killing
Now tell me where the black bunny ill it
Catch a nigga coming at the fat burger peel 'em
Ride off smooth in a tick it's ridiculous
Bogus, that means you ain't shit to us
You ain't even on my level I'm a pimp you a cunt
That's why you always on my dick whenever I stunt
I smoke chuns till it dust
Wax dabs get my lungs stunt
Higher than fuck speedbag killer
Jam cross uppercut , and I shit on you with the bubble guts
There's more than 1 king still I'm nr. 1
With a strap on my waist like a cummerbund
Word to my son I'm just having fun
I won the crown ,shit is done
Like a stone got some hop the dome like heya
I fear God fuck press the iron is
Quick to tell you to your face that you suck balls
My homie's at the pen and the hall
Sicking streets like Bud Billiken day
And it's all for the cause
The bong rolls break glass jaws
I stay in a constant state of applause
Clapping, do you know what happen now
I'm maxing relaxing getting action
The cycle drama this dick like magic,hot like magic
I make cell swinging I ain't stupid these hoes kill easy
Nigga RIP Z on DCA Dallas and Dizzy Low now
Nigga please be eazy get the fuck away from brown here you greasy
I gotta forth easy
I kill a motherfucker if it needs me

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