Camel Separation Lyrics

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You know we're fighting every day,
It's as if somehow we've lost our way.
When we'd first begun, yeah, we lived as one,
Now as time goes on, we move our own way.

It's just no use in going on
When all the feeling now has gone.
You know we both have tried,
Yeah, we both have lied,
Now as tears subside, we move our own way.

Separation's the only way...
Separation starts today...

(repeat verse)

Camel Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Slow Yourself Down
  • 2 Mystic Queen
  • 3 Six Ate
  • 4 Separation
  • 5 Never Let Go
  • 6 Curiosity
  • 7 Arubaluba
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