Tiger Army Santa Carla Twilight Lyrics

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Watch the moon as tonight
The ocean looms as bonfires alight
I am a stranger in this place
And when I see you, I can`t turn away
The moon speaks of tattered thoughts
It`s never broken as long as we live
There`s something different in your heart
You know how it feels, the darkness within her soul
And we kiss in the Santa Carla twilight
On the beach under a Santa Carla moon
I was lost, but I found you in my heart
It`s blacker than the dark ocean
Eternity belongs to us
Eternal life, that`s our love
If you want forever, close your eyes
And surrender to me
Just remember today was the last time you`ll ever see the sun in Santa Carla
Hear the subtle night side
It`s been ages since I felt this alive
As long as I found you, happiness
The lonliness we feel that they could never understand
Now there`s time behind the dust
The consummation of our love
Between two children of the night
It`s our time that`s offered to a crimson dream
Forever lasts our love (Eternally)
And it belongs to us (Eternally)


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