50 Cent Rotten Apple Lyrics

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I'm on parole, I used to be on probation
I'm with my gun I get full corporation
I tell you "take it off" no hesitation
***** you play around, I lay you down
That's how it's goin' down
Don't play wit' me, I don't have patients
My headachin', and I need my medication
*****s be hatin', they don't know what they facin'
***** you play around, I lay you down
That's how it's goin' down
I be in court throwin' signs like I'm a mason
***** witness against me, I'm a erase 'em
If they try an runaway, I'm a chase 'em
Now with the pound, and I'm a lay 'em down
That's how it's goin' down

Better watch how you talk
Better watch where you walk
On the streets of New York
That's how we get down
22's on the jeep
Somethin' deep in the seat
When we creep wit the heat
That's how we get down

Wise men listen and laugh while fools talk
Stick up kids don't live long in New York
**** around and catch the wrong jukes on the street
Get caught slippin', then get hit wit' like three
In every hood in the US, I'm that ***** they feelin'
Rap full of good guys, 50 Cent is the villain
I play the bar with 8 bottles all night gettin' right
Teachin' the hood rats what Cristal taste like
I put 60 on wrist, 12 on my fist, 100 on my neck
We in the hood ***** schemin', what you expect?
My S on 22's leave ya hos confused
On the track ready to choose, like "Daddy we want you"
My love live ain't change, the shorties still hug me
Bullet wound in my face, and *****es still love me
Now Nelly told you how them country boys talk
I came to teach you how we put it down in New York
That's how we get down


In the city, a young buck'll tell you how the mac spit
O.G. give 'em the word, you gonna get yo' *** hit
I don't know why *****s like to talk bad about me
I'm the richest ***** they know without a G.E.D.
Man it could be the money, it could be the ice
It could be they'd like to be me and can't live my life
You should here they be sayin' man "50 be flippin'"
"Shot my man over 7 grams, that ***** be trippin'"
I know death is promised, I don't fear gettin' murked
It's when a ***** half-way killa ya homie, it hurts
Now we can hit the club and get it crunked
Or you could start some ****, and I could hit you with
The pump, you can have it how you want
But I know you like my style (Uh-Huh)
Ya like how I break it down, want to get rich?
I'll show you how, take this pack, pump these pieces
That's how we get down