Twiztid Reflection Lyrics

Mirror Mirror Track Listing
  • 1 Mirror
  • 2 Reflection
  • 3 The World
  • 4 4 Those Of U
  • 5 Through Your Eyez
  • 6 Whatz That!?!
  • 7 Left Field
  • 8 Dirty Lil Girl
  • 9 CNT
  • 10 Alone
  • 11 Your The Reazon
  • [Hook: Jamie Madrox]
    I've been evicted, erase me from the face of the planet
    Cause your world got my outlook damaged
    My minds stuck inside a cycle of depression
    The reflection
    Can you feel me?
    Look in the mirror, tell me do you see clearly?
    They have it shattered and cracked, it's so crazy
    My minds stuck inside a cycle of depression
    The reflection

    [Verse 1: Monoxide]
    Listen, I can make the crows talk
    And have you jumping out a twenty story building
    And come crashing on the sidewalk
    You can see it in my eyes cause I never blink
    And I can read it on your mind every time you think
    I'm the sick side of circlin' spells
    And I'm surrounded for the secrets of...
    All the writings on the walls in the cave described us
    To decapitate the heads of the people who broke trust
    Beyond the nonbelievin'
    Unforgiven by the sacraments of sin
    All the way from the beginnin'
    I keep spinnin'
    Good versus evil, who's winnin'?
    My mind state takin' a beatin' and still grinnin'
    Underground and I'm buried alive
    I'm resurrected and reflected through the Juggalo eyes
    This ain't no fuckin disguise
    This is the way that I look
    And it will all be explained in the book (in the book)


    [Verse 2: Jamie Madrox]
    I want you to touch the mirror
    Saying Twiztid inside your mind 17 times
    Would you survive in a world that's full of hate?
    Or would you live and love
    Then die and be buried and then disintegrate?
    I want you to envision in the battle ground
    With a light from heaven if I give'em hell of the sound
    Painted in the wind like the stench of the dead
    Angels with broken wings and devils with severed heads
    I want you to believe in the realm of the dark
    Where souls are rotten like teeth and withered like tree barks
    Screams can be heard, only faint in the sky
    Demons with false tongues and bright yellow eyes
    With his flesh being torn, by haunts and ghosts
    With a flock of [?] and unicorns
    The monster in the medicine cabinet grows clear
    Is it me or my reflection that I'm seeing in the mirror

    In the book (in the book)
    They'll all be explained in the book (in the book)


    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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