Verse Simmonds Pop That Lyrics

I say don't stop, don't stop that she promise that she won't stop
She gon' get on top of her top
She gon' bust it like a hedge lock
Hot potato ,hot potato
Drop that pussy like a hot potato
Clap that pussy like Britney Spears
Show me that pussy like Britney Spears
What the hell am I saying
What the hell are you doing
Take control of your mind
Now you fucking my movement

Uh I wonder if them heels hurt
Don't matter bitch work
And she got my 43
But she say she in it for the cheese
Damn right I could respect that
She got bills to pay she about to star flash
Got fake tits but that's a real ass
Got small waist a probably smoke fast
Round and round she go
Caught me in the army go

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