Josh Gracin Peace of Mind Lyrics

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There's a hole in my heart
Seems like I've always been tryin' to fill
With the treasures in mind
The pleasures of the night
Nothin' ever will
There's a restlessness deep in my soul
And I know that it's ruinin' me
All these these regrets
At night haunt me all the time
They won't let me sleep

Oh but sooner or later, I'm gonna get some rest
Throw the world off my shoulders
Get this weight off my chest
Oh I know that it won't be tonight
But I'm gonna keep lookin 'til I find
A little piece of mind, yeah

I don't know how you knew
Just what to say, just what to do
To leave but still stay to walk away
And keep me hanging onto you
Oh can't you see
What your love has made of me
My feet keep pacing
For you I'm still chasing
God, I wish I could sleep

repeat chorus (x2)

Oh yeah yeah
A little piece of mind, yeah Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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