Xzibit Paparazzi Lyrics

At the Speed of Life Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Grand Opening (interlude)
  • 2 At the Speed of Life
  • 3 Just Maintain
  • 4 Eyes May Shine
  • 5 Positively Negative
  • 6 Don’t Hate Me (interlude)
  • 7 Paparazzi
  • 8 The Foundation
  • 9 Mrs. Crabtree (interlude)
  • 10 Bird’s Eye View
  • 11 Hit & Run, Part II
  • 12 Carry the Weight
  • 13 Plastic Surgery
  • 14 Enemies & Friends
  • 15 Last Words (interlude)
  • Intro

    1996, the Disfunctional member of the Alkohaliks family
    It's XZIBIT, Bring it live, one time, like this

    Verse One

    Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth my while
    Xzibit stay versitile
    with Million Dollar lifestyle
    and I can feel it as a child growin' up
    the niggaz that were real and the niggaz that were scared as fuck
    that's why Xzibit only roll with a chosen few
    You ain't really real, I can tell when I look at you
    So ease off the trigga talk, you ain't killin shit
    it's not affecting me or the niggaz that I'm chillin with
    I don't believe the hype or buy a Woof ticket
    Nigga you make a gang of noise and never seem like a cricket
    I guess that's why we never kick it
    a lot of niggaz are soft and get tossed tryin to fuck with the liquid
    How many niggaz do you know like this?
    Also claimin that they're riding but they really turn bitch
    It don't make sense
    Either you're a soldier from the start
    or an actor with a record deal tryin to play the part
    like dat


    It's a shame
    niggaz in the rap game
    only for the money and the fame
    It's a shame
    niggaz in the rap game
    only for the money and the fame
    Paparazzi (2x)

    Verse Two

    I don't need no lights no cameras
    just action god dammit
    never no superstar
    I'm more like a planet
    so my composure is kept while others start to sweat
    A merchant from the fog with my fucked up dialogue
    try to live high on the hog leaves you bankrupt
    and niggaz you spent it on, would not give a fuck
    now that's deep, how deep, It's deeper than Atlantis
    Home of the scandalous
    Big Bad Los Angeles
    Dangerous, Vandelous
    Yo, not to be trusted
    so how the fuck is you hard
    not being scared by the boulevard
    I'm pulling that card and sayin Gin muthafuckar
    flowin like liquid, soak it in muthafuckar
    I'm breakin it down, my sounds, so crowds are like deaf
    from the West
    puttin whole counties to the test
    it's all in perspective
    Breaker one-nine copy
    this is for the niggaz gettin caught up in the Paparazzi


    Verse Three

    Niggaz smoke stress and cross dress
    but I just play the back
    others going through schemes and pipe dreams
    for a contract
    real tightly rolled, fuck 'em all how I feel
    I made a cool half mil
    before I had a record deal
    there for you look and stare like it's magic
    too much of anything can make you an addict
    when devils be startin static, forgot the automatic
    I set it off straight, I spread hate, then I vacate, but wait
    who dare to cross this path
    yo, I do ya like math
    cut with glass, make a blood bath
    so on behalf of all niggaz I get drunk with
    smoke a lot of blunts with
    I dispose of your punk shit
    keep it all in perspective
    Carbon Copies gettin caught up in the Paparazzi

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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