Dream Theater Opening Scene Lyrics

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If you're gonna say that no one's gonna save you
If you're gonna say that well "Be My Guest"
Well, I'm here to tell ya, if you hold on to that story
You can tell the devil "Put me on your list"
Well, I can tell you Monday, we'll talk again on Tuesday,
by Wednesday you'll be sitting in a pile of shit
And can keep a runnin and you can keep a hidin
But there's someone out there who'll never quit


So come on down and be my guest
cause I can get you on that list
Come on down and see what you're gonna miss

Verse 2

Now here's a crazy story, so listen to me closely
you gotta clear your mind and take a hit of this
you don't need a preacher, we got a double feature
and you are gonna be the star of it
We're walkin on the left side, we're walkin on the right side
we're walkin in between and we got stars in our eyes
We're mellow in the daytime, we're CRAZY in the nighttime
We're all out to get you and we're on the rise


Verse 3

You know you have it comin, so why do you keep runnin
Come and have a seat and take you medicine
I'm not out to bleed ya, I just wanna feed ya
The dirty work is done so lets get it on