Jimmy Buffett Only Time Will Tell Lyrics

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Scales and clocks just can't be trusted
Keys and locks are destined to be busted
Metaphors were never made for keeping score
And I'm feeling for the sound of time

Is it the answer or just a suggestion
Is love what we truly want or merely a protection
Is this music made to last or crumble like a shell
Is there heaven here on earth or is this really hell?

Only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong
Only time will tell, is there a message in this song?
Will it eve make sense, will it ever ring a bell?
Only time will tell.

Are we destined to be ruled by a bunch of old white men
Who compare the world to football and are programmed to defend
I'd like to try a princess or a non-terrestrial
Who is neither boat nor bashful
Is there really such a girl

Only time will tell,....

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely grand
For nearly half a century I've been singing in a band
I'd like to think Ill make it to two thousand and one
Will the party be at my house?
God, I wonder who will come...

Written by: Jim Mayer, Jimmy Buffett, Peter Hagen Mayer, Roger Guth, Russ Kunkel
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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