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Backstreet Boys Lyrics

She wakes up with the sun
She throws on her clothes
Hoping her car will start
The second time around
The day has begun
The line's out the door
Serving up fraps
Until she can't take anymore
I see it in her broken smile
Oh why

Wish I could tell her
You're one in a million
You're going the distance, babe
You're gonna work it out someday
I wish I could tell her
You're one in a million
But you never even look my way

No she never looks my way
She never, never, ever looks my way
She ties up her hair
Her makeup is smeared
Wiping the tears that she wants no one to see
She screams on the pain
I hear every word
Why don't you know how beautiful you are
Just see it in my broken smile

[Repeat Chorus:]

If I could be the light
To guide you through the darkness baby
If I could be the one
To change the ending to your story
I'd be one in a million
I'd be one in a million
Someday I will tell her
You're gonna work it out someday

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