Bonnie Owens My Hi-Fi to Cry By Lyrics

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To hear the man announcing it's country music time
He plays the record hits to fit most every girl and guy
Then he plays a song and it's my hi-fi to cry by
I wonder how the man who wrote this song knew the same
The words that keep on haunting me day after day
As long as you're here in my heart there'll be tears in my eyes
Especially when I'm listenin' to my hi-fi to cry by
[ steel ]
There must be other broken hearts that feel the same way too
But they don't know the hurt that goes along with losin' you
So just to hear that song and live with memories that's why
I turn on my hi-fi to have my daily cry
I wonder how the man...
Especially when I'm listenin' to my hi-fi to cry by

Hi-Fi to Cry By Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 My Hi-Fi to Cry By
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  • 3 Philadelphia Lawyer
  • 4 What Else Can I Do
  • 5 It Don't Take Much to Make Me Cry
  • 6 How Many
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  • 10 I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes)
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