Tech N9ne feat. Brotha Lynch Hung & Prozak My Favorite Lyrics

Welcome to Strangeland Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Stars
  • 2 Welcome to Strangeland
  • 3 Unfair
  • 4 Kocky
  • 5 Who Do I Catch
  • 6 My Favorite
  • 7 Retrogression
  • 8 Bang Out
  • 9 Beautiful Music
  • 10 Won't You Come Dirty
  • 11 Sad Circus
  • 12 The Noose
  • 13 Slave
  • 14 Overwhelming
  • 15 Gods
    CD 2
  • 1 I Need A Drink
  • 2 The Real Thing
  • 3 EMJ
  • 4 Road Rage
  • [Intro: Tech N9ne]
    Steady shootin' for the stars on this vertical journey
    I be recruitin' more for bars
    Gotta be hard, in the tar
    I'm runnin' with cannons that really loosen your regards
    Greedy money money, and then some
    These motherfuckers will murder you for your income
    So when the flash the pass into begin some
    Spittin' my favorites of Prozak and Lynch Hung

    [Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
    After the shows I'm thinking about food (MMM!)
    Just give me some vittles and drink and I'm cool
    You probably thinking that a women's on mind too
    But I drool over Italian cooking its my jewel
    I eat all of it all the time
    At the mall even y'all when they call the N9ne
    Money tall yes I ball missin' all the signs
    So when you see me we can meet I never draw the line, huh
    Doctor said that my blood pressure phewm!
    I was healthy for one minute but then the fumes
    Of a peppercorn filed within the room
    I gotta go get it soon, you seeing the nigga zoom
    Capital grill and The melting pot, they know my name P.F. Chang yes it help a lot
    You let the N9ne cut the line when it's sweltering hot
    So women dine me and mine 'till we belt in lots
    I can't stop eatin', I really love eatin'
    I know my body be wishing I was vegan
    The fat of my stomach it was leaving me, feedin' me
    All I be thinkin' when I be breathin' unevenly
    But that don't matter, I'm taking it to the head
    Tucking my tummy in even if it bring a threat
    Telling me if I don't be careful and kill the bread
    I'm gonna pig out until a nigga dead

    [Hook: Krizz Kaliko]
    Insatiable's my name when it comes to my favorite things
    I seek my sins off in the day
    And then at night, come to play
    On my favorite
    I never plan to die, too much I haven't tried
    Give me more, give me more, I crave it
    Yes I love it, that's my favorite

    [Verse 2: Prozak]
    I'm an addict, who's frantic manic on everything
    Kamikaze chemicals into my blood stream
    Caffeine, nicotine and the good green
    On top of Vicodin it's kinda like I'm takin' flight again
    Prepare for lift off, stimulation drift off
    If I don't feed my addiction I'm getting pissed off
    All these vices they siphon my life span
    Monkey on my back I got the devil in my right hand
    Always leadin' me, deceitful thievery percedes to impede till' there's no one theivin me
    In need to feed the beast,off to eagerly
    I can't seem to leave it be and be free
    Feel my synapses, collapsing, I'm gasping, I think I'm going out like Michael Jackson
    Tunnel vision everything is turning black and I'm headed to a place where there never is no coming back
    Swan dive in the Lake of Fire all thanks to my faithful drug suppliers
    All it takes is a taste, now you're all subscribers
    Under the reigns of the chains of your own desires
    Your new God is in black attire
    Now a slave to his ways
    You could not defy him
    Such a waste in this race till' ya life expires
    No escape, given chase like I'm Michael Myers

    [Hook: Krizz Kaliko]

    [Verse 3: Brotha Lynch Hung]
    After the shows I be off the E
    Got a big fat sack and it be all for me
    6 in the morning I be off of these
    Yellin' 6 in the mornin' like my nigga Ice-T
    I pop all of it all the time
    And they put me in the zone when I'm writing rhymes
    Drugged out, bout to take the mug out
    Drinking gallons of water I gotta get the drug out
    So stuffed like I'm sniffing coke up
    And I love it as much as I love putting cold cuts (go rough)
    Yeah I'm the nigga that your hoe love
    She be trying to rape me but I be like hold up
    Date rape bout to sell a rape tape yeah
    Kim Kardashian, Ray J
    All up in that ass again, MayDay
    I'm just sick in the head as they say
    I be off the top, Tech N9ne cocked
    And I'm paranoid ready to pull it that's off top
    Y'all better than us, hard slot
    Get us on a Tech N9ne stage it's gon' pop
    Gurr, and it's all up to her
    She just popped the pill and I'm purr
    This is not for real and I'm ill
    Call me a beastie boy kill at will

    [Hook: Krizz Kaliko]

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