P-Square Miss U Die Lyrics

Game Over Track Listing
  • 1 No One Like U
  • 2 Game Over
  • 3 Do Me (feat. Waje)
  • 4 Miss U Die
  • 5 Why E Be Say
  • 6 More Than a Friend
  • 7 Am I Still That Special Man?
  • 8 Ifunaya
  • 9 Stand Up
  • 10 Roll It
  • 11 Game Over (instrumental)
  • 12 No One Like U (instrumental)
  • 13 Do Me (instrumental)
  • 14 Roll It (instrumental)
    I dey miss you die
    I dey beg you
    Make you try to understand
    There's no one like you
    And I wonder why
    Why it is any time I dey with another person
    I dey think about you
    Now I realise
    I dey think about you everyday
    I truly no get anything to say
    I really think I'm going insane

    VERSE 1
    I never know that you are so beautiful
    And incredible
    When I close my eyes
    I see your picture so unbelievable
    so irreplaceable

    How could I let you go
    Let you walk out the door
    Girl I'm all alone
    When are you coming home
    I wanna know
    Don't wanna let you go
    Make someone please
    Bring you back to me


    VERSE 2
    I dey miss you die
    Now I done realize
    I'm sorry for the heartless things I did
    Baby all the pains I bring
    Forgive me girl
    I never meant to touch you
    I was made to love you
    And I wish I could bring you back
    Now, I'm on my own
    I'm standing all alone
    Standing at that door
    Hoping you come back
    If na this love be wetin I need
    Then na which kind mistake be this



    My baby girl I miss you die
    Don't you know I need you back
    How can I make you mine
    I dey miss you die
    When I hold you tight
    Everyday and everynight
    Now I done realize
    That I need you back
    And you know say me I no dey lie
    Doooh ooooh

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