Kevin Ayers Margaret Lyrics

You're such a magical child
I found that
The first time you smiled

And the more i get to know you
The more I am amazed
To find in someone
Such tender loving ways

And just like everybody sings
When the sunshine makes them high
I sing this gentle love song
From a flower to a butterfly

From a flower
to a butterfly.....
Whatevershebringswesing Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 There Is Loving / Among Us / There Is Loving
  • 2 Margaret
  • 3 Oh My
  • 4 Song From the Bottom of a Well
  • 5 Whatevershebringswesing
  • 6 Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes
  • 7 Champagne Cowboy Blues
  • 8 Lullaby
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