Luke The Drifter, Jr. Life Gets Tee-jus Don't It Lyrics

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The sun comes up and the sun goes down
Hands on the clock they just keep goin' around
And I just get up and it's time to lay down life gets tee-just don't it
My shoe's untied but I don't care I ain't really fig'rin' on goin' nowhere
I just have to wash and comb my hair and that's just wasted effort
The water in the well it's gettin' lower and lower can't take a bath for six months more
But I've heard it said and it's probably true that too much bathin' it'll weaken you
I open the door and the flies swarm in I shut the door and I'm sweatin' again
I move too fast and I crack my shin it's just one darn thing after another
Old brown mule he must be sick jabbed him in the rump with a a pin on a stick
Humped his back but he didn't even kick somethin' cock-eyed somewhere
Mouse chewin' on the pantry door he's been at it for a month or more
And if he gets through he sure gonna be sore ain't a dang thing in there
The cow's gone dry and hens won't lay fish quit bitin' last Saturday
Troubles pile up day by day now I'm gettin' dandruff
Grief and misery pains and woes debts and taxes and so it goes
Now it seems I'm gettin' cold in the nose life gets tasteless don't it
Hound dog howlin'so forlorn,laziest dog that was ever born
he's howlin cause he's sittin' on a thorn,just too lazy to move over.