Elvis Costello Kid About It Lyrics

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Say you wouldn't kid about it
She's telling all of those lies
She swore she'd never told before
But I doubt it

So he bit his tongue
And tried hard to capture his breath
When she said I waited all my life
For just a little death

Say you wouldn't kid about it
Say you wouldn't kid about it
Say you wouldn't kid about it

Sometimes he takes himself so seriously
She makes her movements mysteriously
Slow fast or furiously
It's a big responsibility
With a face full of mixed ability
Big dreams of elegance
Singing the leaving of Liverpool
And turning into Americans

Say you wouldn't kid about it
So what if this is a man's world
I want to be a kid again about it
Give me back my sadness
I couldn't hide it even if I tried girl

We fight so frail
Making love tooth and nail
You gave me the kiss of my life
I might even live to tell the tale


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  • Written by: Elvis Costello
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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