Haujobb Journey Ahead Lyrics

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Eyes zoom in present this frozen monument of confusion of
Cruelty and harmony romantic sessions with virtual candelight
Censoring the day forget one's memory those apparent bargains
Start the sunspension of virtual masturbation thoughts
Pushing, pounding gently within those ancient yet advanced
Feelings this delicate balance of human nature is disturbed a
Desperate quest for more forget one's memory those apparent
Bargains start the suspension of virtual masturbation
Resistance futile explorations arrange your thoughts your
Great peace of encoding is just illusion of parallel time
Cameras zoom out

Solutions for a Small Planet Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Clockwise
  • 2 Anti/matter
  • 3 Rising Sun
  • 4 Depths
  • 5 Sub Unit One
  • 6 Journey Ahead
  • 7 Distance
  • 8 Deviation
  • 9 Nature's Interface
  • 10 Sub Unit Two
  • 11 Cleaned Vision
  • 12 The Cage Complex
  • 13 Net Culture
  • 14 Transfer
  • 15 Sub Unit Three

  • Written by: Daniel Meier, Dejan Samardzic
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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