If-There's-A-God-In-Heaven-What's-He-Waiting-For-lyrics-Elton-John/6D7CE25D6E2153A3482568760029BE93If-There's-A-God-In-Heaven-What's-He-Waiting-For-lyrics-Elton-John/6D7CE25D6E2153A3482568760029BE93If-There's-A-God-In-Heaven-What's-He-Waiting-For-lyrics-Elton-John/6D7CE25D6E2153A3482568760029BE93If-There's-A-God-In-Heaven-What's-He-Waiting-For-lyrics-Elton-John/6D7CE25D6E2153A3482568760029BE93If-There's-A-God-In-Heaven-What's-He-Waiting-For-lyrics-Elton-John/6D7CE25D6E2153A3482568760029BE93If-There's-A-God-In-Heaven-What's-He-Waiting-For-lyrics-Elton-John/6D7CE25D6E2153A3482568760029BE93If-There's-A-God-In-Heaven-What's-He-Waiting-For-lyrics-Elton-John/6D7CE25D6E2153A3482568760029BE93 Elton John Lyrics

Elton John Lyrics

Torn from their families
Mothers go hungry
To feed their children
But children go hungry
There's so many big men
They're out making millions
When poverty's profits
Just blame the children

If there's a God in heaven
What's he waiting for
If He can't hear the children
Then he must see the war
But it seems to me
That he leads his lambs
To the slaughter house
And not the promised land

Dying for causes
They don't understand
We've been taking their futures
Right out of their hands
They need the handouts
To hold back the tears
There's so many crying
But so few that hear

If there's a God in heaven
Well, what's he waiting for

If there's a God in heaven
What's he waiting for

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