Elton John & Leon Russell I Should Have Sent Roses Lyrics

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Are you standing outside?
Looking up at the sky
Cursing a wandering star
Well if I were you
I'd throw rocks at the moon
And I'd say, "Damn you wherever you are"

I don't know where to start
This cage round my heart
Locked up what I meant to say
What I felt all along the way
Just wondering how come
I couldn't take your breath away

'Cause I never sent roses
I never did enough
I didn't know how to love you
Though I loved you so much
And I should have sent roses
When you crossed my mind
For no other reason
Than the fact you were mine
I should have sent roses

Looking back on my life
If fate should decide
I could do it all over again
I'd build no more walls
I'd stay true and recall
The fragrance of you on the wind

You'll get better than me
Someone who can see
Right from the start give it all that you need
And I'll slip away
Knowing I'm half the man I should be


Should have sent roses

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